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2014 World Cup: where to watch the games in Rome

2014 World Cup: where to watch the games in Rome

The FIFA World Cup is back.

The last edition in 2010 saw Spain win the cup at South Africa 2010, when the event was hosted in an African country for the first time ever.

This year, the cup is being held in Brazil 2014, as the world championships arrive in a Latin American country which has one of the strongest teams in the world.

The world cup opened on 12 June, when the Brazilian national team kicked off against Croatia at the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The first official event of the championships was also held on the same day, with the spectacular opening ceremony a couple of hours before the match.

The finals will be held on 13 July in Rio de Janeiro.

Every world cup is a chance for fans and supporters to get together, to feel united and proud of our national team as they represent Italy abroad.

That means all the usual gatherings in bars to watch the games. For the occasion, the renowned Ristorante Il Valentino will be organising evening events for football fans who don’t want to miss out on such a brilliant show, with a high resolution maxi-screen where you can watch all the games live in comfort.

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