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Rome Tridente Project

Rome Tridente Project

Rediscover the historical centre of Rome.

Rome is undoubtedly one of the most visited and transited cities in the world. Every day thousands of tourists flock to the old town centre to discover the history and culture of the Eternal City.

With a view to improving and enhancing the old town centre, the New General Urban Traffic Project entails pedestrianization and the new organization of sustainable mobility in the area of the “Mediceo Tridente”, that area situated between Piazza del Popolo, Via del Babuino and Via Ripetta.

The Tridente area has been moulded over the centuries by great artists and, for this very reason, contains the greatest examples of architecture and sculpture. However, it is also the area of the great shopping streets, doubtless the main focus of tourists visiting Rome. The geographic identity of the Tridente area will make it possible for the city, its inhabitants and numerous tourists to recapture the charm of these places, bringing about the enhancement of the artistic heritage.

The promotion of the project’s commercial and cultural activities can be inserted into this context. The Tridente will make it possible to discover in detail the most famous shopping streets and its rich, open-air museum, by providing detailed information on the activities present in the area. The redevelopment of the artistic, cultural and accommodation aspects will make promotion of the business activities easier. Promotional campaigns, exhibitions and events will be organized, in order to bring new life to catering, crafts and accommodation. Services for residents, visitors and customers will also be initiated.

Piazza di Spagna can only be accessed by one-horse carriages, bicycles and, of course, emergency vehicles. The Square has become an exclusively pedestrian area. Operation Tridente effectively began on 14 July this year, with the first building sites and the construction of pavements as far as Via Victoria. Via del Babuino, which is accessible only to authorized vehicles, ha now new wider pavements and parking areas for the disabled and for loading and unloading of goods.

The town plan has also included the pedestrianization of 15 streets between Via del Corso, Via del Babuino and Via di Ripetta, among which: Via Condotti, Via Mario de’ Fiori, Via delle Colonnette, Via Canova, Via della Frezza, Via Belsiana, etc…

The new organization of traffic and the activities of the Tridente project will have an impact on safety and tranquillity, making it possible to rediscover captivating places without the noise of engines.
As the pedestrianization project includes traffic permitted to authorized users, tourists will be able to reach the hotel by car. Hotel Valadier, situated in a side street off Via del Babuino, will be able to further improve the services offered to its customers and its offers will be increasingly focused on the discovery of the artistic heritage of the town centre.

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