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Notti d’estate at Castel Sant’Angelo

Notti d’estate at Castel Sant’Angelo

A constant stream of new events liven up the summer season in Rome: culture, entertainment and fun are right at the heart of all the initiatives that take place in the capital.

Every event is designed to make the city welcoming for tourists, citizens and fans.

With this in mind, once again this year we recommend the 4th edition of Notti d’estate at Castel Sant’Angelo, sponsored by the Special Department for Historic, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage and Museums in Rome.

Running until 7 September, this characteristic edition will allow visitors into Castel Sant’Angelo to attend classical, lyrical and jazz concerts and tours by night, available in Italian and English language from Tuesday to Sunday.

There will be a special opening of the Passetto di Borgo, a suggestive passageway of nearly 800 metres linking the Castle to the Vatican Palace and the Historical prisons, cells used as prisons from the Renaissance right up to the 19th century, hosting famous prisoners such as Pope Paul III Farnese and the Count of Cagliostro. Visitors will also be able to see Clement VII’s Bathrooms, used by several popes and a rare example of a Renaissance bathroom, and the Mole, the late 16th century garrison mill used for protecting the Castle.

Notti d’estate is above all about concerts, with a total of forty events organised, involving more than 100 musicians. The programme began on 4 July and will continue throughout the summer until 7 September, welcoming famous musicians including Danilo Rea, Fabrizio Bosso, Gabriele Mirabassi, Alessandro Carbonare and the Bernini Quartet who will also leave room for leading young talents such as Paolo Taballione, Tilly Cernitore,Enrico Zanisi and Mattia Cigalini.

The concerts start at 9.30 pm and tickets can be booked by calling 063 2810 or writing to

Castel Sant’Angelo’s position in the centre of Rome means you can take advantage of the Groupe Valadier’s offers, with our centrally located hotels, to visit Rome and enjoy the numerous other events planned as part of the Estate romana summer festival.

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