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Michelangelo on show in Rome

Michelangelo on show in Rome

An event of great artistic importance was launched on 27 May this year and will continue on throughout the summer, until 14 September: “Michelangelo. Meeting a universal artist”.

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of this genius from Tuscany, an exhibition has, in fact, been set up at the Capitoline Museums to tell the story of his life and his art.

In the centre of Rome, in the square that Michelangelo made so unique, the exhibition aims to retrace and celebrate the art produced by a man who overcame the objective difficulties in the production and creation of his own works.

The exhibition includes over one hundred and fifty works, about seventy of which are by Michelangelo. For the first time, works from the most important Italian and foreign cultural institutions have been gathered together.

The poetic art of Michelangelo is approached by using nine different exhibition sections, with fundamental themes that blend together the four art forms through which the artist expressed himself: painting, sculpture, poetry and architecture. Every theme is analysed by comparing drawings, paintings, sculptures and also written autographs, including letters and rhymes.

However, a thematic contrast appears to be the common link throughout the entire collection at the Capitoline Museums: the modern and the ancient, life and death, rules and freedom, earthy love land spiritual love.

One section of the exhibition introduces, for the first time, the tactile models of Michelangelo’s two greatest works of sacred and civil architecture: Saint Peter’s Basilica and the square of the Capitoline Hill (piazza del Campidoglio) with its three palaces.

The exhibition seems to be a truly important opportunity for meeting the art of Michelangelo’s artistic genius and perhaps combining it with a visit to the Vatican museums to admire the artist’s paintings. Among its offerings created for tourists who want to visit Rome, Groupe Valadier is proposing a specially designed offer for visiting the Vatican Museums. Don’t miss out!

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