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Gigi Proietti directs the summer season at the Globe Theatre

Gigi Proietti directs the summer season at the Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is the only Elizabethan theatre in Italy. The structure was built in 2003, inside the Villa Borghese gardens, thanks to funding by the Silvano Toti Foundation.
Based on an idea by Gigi Proietti, the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre is an accurate reconstruction of the Globe Theatre in London, the most famous theatre from the Elizabethan period, built in 1599.
The theatre, like the one in London, is circular in shape and has a covered stage that juts out towards the audience, which, unlike the stage, is uncovered and is surrounded by boxes made of oak. This creates a special atmosphere is which the spectator feels more like a protagonist on the stage.
The 2014 season is dedicated to Riccardo Cavallo, a great protagonist of the Globe Theatre, who sadly passed away October. His “Midsummer Night’s Dream” has become a permanent fixture at the Globe Theatre and this year sees its eighth season on the stage.
But the billboard of events is equally full of surprises.
Gigi Proietti is directing “Romeo and Juliet 2014” on stage until 3 August: the celebration at the Capulet house, revisited centuries later in a rock and rap version, kicks off a show full of energy that soon takes us back in time, in an adaptation of the dynamics of the love between the two protagonists.
From 6 to 17 August, “Midsummer Night’s Dream” will be on stage and is a dreamlike performance showing how happiness is an elusive time, in contrast with a state of unrest.
On 22 August it is the turn of “Much Ado about Nothing” on stage until 7 September. This amusing performance is a reflection on how the crisis and difficulties can be transformed into opportunities for personal and collective improvement.
From 11 to 22 September it is the turn of “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, an exhilarating show demonstrating how conflicts in love unavoidably lead to pains resulting from the encounter between the two sexes.
The Shakespeare Fest will finish off the season, celebrating 450 years since the birth of Shakespeare, alternating theatre, cinema and music.
Don’t miss this opportunity to admire the city of Rome and participate in unique events in the beautiful setting of Villa Borghese, which are sure to be the perfect complement to your day. Furthermore, don’t forget that this summer, the Groupe Valadier is once again proposing special offers to make your stay truly unique.

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